«O Adya! the five essential Elements in the worship of Shakti have been prescribe to be Wine, Meat, Fish, parched Grain, and the Union of man with woman. The worship of Shakti without these five elements is but the practice of evil magic. That Siddhi which is the object of sādhana is never attained thereby, and obstacles are encountered at every step» (Mahānirvāna Tantra, 5.22-23).


At the beginning of the month Aquarius will feel intellectually lively thanks to Mercury and Sun trine. When, however, Mercury will pass into Scorpio, Jupiter and Uranus requests will come back, testing your discipline and your willpower to follow your path.

The term Sādhana indicates the discipline of the yoga practitioner. It is not just about positions, breathing exercises or meditation. Sādhana includes everything that is done to achieve a certain purpose. It therefore becomes a lifestyle at least for the period necessary to reach the goal. As such, it is something very personal, to adapt to the personality and the degree of evolution of the practitioner.

Build up your sādhana, Aquarius, and you will achieve your purpose in spite of difficulties and surprises. Strengthen your discipline with this sequence:

Chaturangadanda-āsana, four limbed staff. Feel strong. Strong arms make you feel that you can take action and get what you want. // From 30 sec to 1 min.

Anuloma-Viloma prānāyāma, literally natural-unnatural breath, also called nādī-śuddhi or nādī-śodhana, that is cleansing of the channels. Use this technique to clarify and stabilize your mind. Keep a stable rhythm and try to exhale twice the time of the inhalation! From 5 to 10 min.

Concentration. Relax in a meditative position. Take some time to relax all the muscles. Observe the breath, observe the state of the mind. Try to make yourself aware of all the sensations of the body, especially those related to the touch: the pressure of the legs and buttocks on the ground; the touching of the clothes on the shoulders and on the abdomen, the warmth of the hands in the points of contact with each other and with the legs; the freshness of the parts of bare skin that are touched by the air; etc. Go on seeking for tactile sensations. // From 5 to 15 min.

TOTAL TIME: from 11 to 26 minutes.

MANTRA of the MONTH: «I am ready».









ATTENTION: each technique may have contraindications. Take proper information before practising. Ask your teacher for the correct execution. The recommended times are provided only as a guide, always adjust the practice to your own times and limits. Never force, positions must be comfortable and stable! For any doubt leave a comment below!