«He who always contemplates on this lotus of the heart is eagerly desired by celestial maidens. He gets immeasurable knowledge, knows the past, presentand future time; has clairaudience, clairvoyance and can walk in the air, whenever he likes» (Śiva-Samhitā, V.85-86).

Listen to your heart!

November presents Gemini’s governor, Mercury, in an opposite position. This will perhaps cause a bit of a crisis, as Gemini are so used to easy communication. Neptune square creates even more confusion. In the first half of the month it can be an opportunity to listen to your instinct and your heart, since Mars and Venus are friends. The problems increase, perhaps more in the sphere of work, in the second half of the month, when Mercury is not only opposed, but also retrograde and Jupiter and Mars put themselves in a hostile position.

The chakra anāhata is the energetic center of the chest and therefore it’s also called hrdaya-chakra, the heart chakra. Anāhata means “uncaused sound”. By meditating on this point, the yogins perceive the inner sound, the one which is caused without two objects bumping into each other. This chakra is related to wind, air and touch. Working on this chakra develops touch and tact, since it opens to compassion and empathy. By meditating on the heart chakra you may develop understanding and knowledge on a different level than the intellectual one.

Do not become arrogant, Gemini, and try to understand that not everything, not always, can be solved with intellect.

Develop patience and empathy with this practice:

Setubandha-āsana, bridge pose. Open your heart and build a bridge between you and the others. // 1-2 min.

Mālā-āsana, garland pose. Collect your energies and learn patience. // 1-2 min.

Mauna, ritual silence. You do not have to be in a meditative position. You can do this exercise at any time during the day. I recommend in the morning immediately after getting up. Take ten minutes to listen: the noise of the water while you wash your face, the clink of the cups when you take one to make coffee, the refrigerator door that opens, and so on … listen to every little sound and you will notice that in all those little noises, you will find a wonderful silence, the silence of the mind. Practice listening. // 10 min.

TOTAL TIME: from 12 to 14 minutes.

MANTRA of the MONTH: «Yam».








ATTENTION: each technique may have contraindications. Take proper information before practising. Ask your teacher for the correct execution. The recommended times are provided only as a guide, always adjust the practice to your own times and limits. Never force, positions must be comfortable and stable! For any doubt leave a comment below!