«Abandonment of all latent tendencies is said to be the best (i.e. real) liberation by the wise; that is also the faultless method (of attaining liberation)» (Yoga-vāsistha-sāra,, III.23).

Be focused!

Mercury square gives you a bit of agitation for so much mental activity. From mid-month your desire to do could lead you to excess, due to Mars conjunction, and to irritability, as Mercury becomes retrograde slowing down your work and communications. Jupiter square can help you as long as you maintain some self-control, which is not easy with Neptune, your governor, which brings you more than ever in the world of idealization.

The term ekāgratā means the conditions of whom is focused on one point. According to the rāja-yoga texts, ekāgratā is the key to achieving liberation (realization or enlightenment, as you want to call it!). It is not an easy goal and in fact the whole system of royal yoga is born with this intent: to remove any distraction and to stabilize the mind on a single object. A stable mind is not only quiet and at peace, but it is ready to let even that single object go to transcend into the infinite.

Be careful not to build castles in the air, Pisces, and concentrate on one thing at a time. Fantasy makes often waste energy and create thus more exhaustion and anxiety than that already given by living conditions.

Keep your mind steady with this sequence:

Vriksha-āsana, tree pose. Slender towards the sky, but well planted on the ground. Focus on one point to maintain balance. // 1 min. per side.

Ujjāyī prānāyāma, breath that gives victory or victorious breath. Sitting in a comfortable meditative pose, breathe, listen to your slow and deep breath. Be patient and calm. Use this breath even during the day in any position to clear and stabilize the mind. Try to exhale twice the time of the inhalation! // From 3 to 6 min.

Concentration. Relax in a meditative position. Take some time to relax all your muscles. Listen to your breath. Observe the nature of the first thought that comes to your mind. For example «what my friend wrote to me made me really happy» – memory, you are thinking of a past event; «Sunday I will go for a walk» – fantasy, you can not foresee your future !; «My breath is quiet now» – correct knowledge, you are in the present, but it is still a thought; «This noise outside must be someone trying to enter the house» – wrong knowledge, the wind is causing the noise. In case observe if, exhausted , you risk falling asleep. Do this for every thought, observe its nature and let it flow away. Observe what remains. // From 5 to 15 min.

TOTAL TIME: from 8 to 23 minutes.

MANTRA of the MONTH: «I am present».



ATTENTION: each technique may have contraindications. Take proper information before practising. Ask your teacher for the correct execution. The recommended times are provided only as a guide, always adjust the practice to your own times and limits. Never force, positions must be comfortable and stable! For any doubt leave a comment below!