«That state of severance from union with misery is known as yoga. This yoga should be resolutely practiced with determination free from pessimism.» (Bhagavad-gītā, VI.23).

Look on the bright side!

Neptune is Sagittarius governor and, as it is in a square position, Sagittarius is deprived of its certainties. The good news is that from the 9th of the month,  Jupiter and Uranus will help to find optimism and look on the bright side of certain changes to be made. Mercury in conjunction helps you to think over it, even if after the middle of the month, when Mercury is retrograde, you may have second thoughts and start from the beginning with your ideas. Try not to get nervous (Mars square does not help) and postpone every decision to a time when you will be more lucid and calm.

Bhrāntidarśana indicates a delusion you have about the nature of things or, more often, about your level of spiritual elevation. The term bhrānti refers to a wrong notion that leads, if pursued, to the wrong path. Whether it is a wrong notion or a delusion, bhrāntidarśana is anyway an obstacle, an impediment in the realization of yoga, because it leads you astray and influences your ego by undermining your self-esteem or accentuating your pride.

Pay attention to your spirals of thoughts, Sagittarius. Try to keep objectivity and look on the bright side of things.

Find calm and serenity with this sequence:

Mālā-āsana, garland pose. Take a moment  to withdrawn in yourself and wait patiently. // 1-2 min.

Ujjāyī prānāyāma, breath that gives victory or victorious breath. Sitting in a comfortable meditative pose, breathe, listen to your slow and deep breath. Be patient and calm. Use this breath to clear and stabilize the mind. Repeat it during the day in any position you are. Try to exhale twice the time of inhaltion! // From 3 to 6 min.

Mauna, ritual silence. You do not have to be in a meditative pose, you can do this exercise in any position at any time during the day. I recommend to try it in the morning immediately after getting up. Take ten minutes to listen: the noise of the water while you wash your face, the clink of the cups when you take one to make coffee, the refrigerator door that opens, and so on … listen to every little sound and you will notice that in all those little noises, you will find a wonderful silence, the silence of the mind. Practice listening. // 10 min.

TOTAL TIME: from 14 to 18 minutes.

MANTRA of the MONTH: «Wait».



ATTENTION: each technique may have contraindications. Take proper information before practising. Ask your teacher for the correct execution. The recommended times are provided only as a guide, always adjust the practice to your own times and limits. Never force, positions must be comfortable and stable! For any doubt leave a comment below!