Wider is the gap

if the cane

doesn’t follow its track.


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  1. gildagiannoni

    DIFFERENCE BETWEEN RIGHT AND LEFT. In the tantric texts the vertebral column is called, among many names, Meru-danda, Meru’s stick, because as Mount Meru is the central axis of the universe, so the spine is the supporting axis of our body. In case of scoliosis, when the spine “deviates” from its normal course, disparities are visible in some poses. In trikona-āsana you will notice a difference in lateral bending between the right and the left side. the difference can be measured by the height at which the hand rests on the leg. The gap between the right and left side may also be due to other factors, beyond scoliosis, such as a rotation of the pelvis, a considerable difference in the limbs length, some stiffness due to various causes. Small differences can be noticed even in absence of an evident dysmetria.

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