«O Cosmic Vital Physician, greatest amongst all born, the mightiest of the mighty, wielder of adamantine justice, carry us safely beyond danger, and cure sickness of the body and the mind.» (Rig-veda, 2.33.3)

Live a little!

Opposite Saturn is one of the heaviest transits to tackle. Saturn brings a rapid change of life, but in what direction it is not immediately clear. What’s more, it brings change to the price that you leave what you are maybe not ready to leave, but which is now old, outdated. This is why you often will feel old, because you’re tied to the old. In December all those born in the first decade will feel all this. The good news are that Venus and Mars are in a good position and therefore a bit ‘of lightness and vitality will be back and this is valid for all decades!

Vīrya means vitality, that specific quality of Mars, aggressive and energetic at the same time. Through vírya sexuality is possible and that is why in some yogic contexts chastity is advised: in order to preserve vitality and let it be available for the mind and the spirit. In fact vīrya, together with faith, memory, withdrawal and transcendent knowledge, allows to reach samadhi, that is spiritual realization.

Enjoy the help of Mars, Cancer, and become aware of your vitality. Make the use you want of it, be it physical or spiritual. It will help you feel young and alive again despite Saturn.

Give yourself an elan with this short sequence:

Natarāja-āsana, king of the dancers pose, or dancing Śiva. King of the dancers is one of the names attributed to Śiva and it is linked to the mythological image of Śiva dancing his anandatandava, or dance of bliss. The dance symbolizes the cycles of creation and destruction. Everything dies and regenerates, we need to know how to let go to open up to the new. // 1 min. per side.

Mūla-bandha, root lock. In any pose, breathe in and exhale while contracting the pelvic floor (between genitals and the anus; if you can not, then contract from the genitals to the anus). Hold for at least 3 sec and then release. // 1-3 min.

Visualization. Sit down in a meditative pose. Take your time to relax all your muscles. Imagine a mountain with a lawn. Visualize a waterfall and a stream of clear, transparent, shallow water. Go near the waterfall, look at it, listen to the noise, the aromas around; immerse yourself into the water: in the waterfall or in the stream that flows a little further below. Think about the things that bother you, physical and mental problems, think that this flowing water takes away anything that bothers you. Let yourself be cleansed by this limpid mountain water. Then exit the waterfall or stream, observe the sensations after washing. // From 5 to 10 min.

TOTAL TIME: from 8 to 15 minutes.

MANTRA of the MONTH: «I am alive now».