«Devotional service manifests as the most elevated, pure love for God». (Bhakti-sūtra, 2).

Beware of quarrels!

In the second half of the month the nervousness given by Mercury and the aggressiveness of Mars are likely to lead you to strong clashes and quarrels, Pisces. Sun square makes you feel on the test bench, while Jupiter square is likely to make you become a bit arrogant. Fortunately, Venus appeases this storm, making you affectionate and understanding. The invitation is to expand these two qualities with all people, in order to be able to collaborate and understand the point of view of others even when it clashes with yours.

Preman is love according to bhakti-yoga, the path of devotion. It differs from the most ordinary human love (kāma), because the latter is somehow selfish: with kāma you seek your own pleasure and happiness through another. Preman, on the other hand, is an unconditional love that looks at the beloved pleasure, without any attachment and in total self-forgetfulness.

Cultivate love, Pisces, without thinking about what you can get from it, but only in the understanding of others as human beings with their strength and fragility, just like you. It will help you see things from another point of view and avoid clashes.

Cultivate love with this short sequence:

Setubandha-āsana, bridge pose. Open your heart and build a bridge between you and the other. United and open you can have fun! // 1-2 min.

Paścimottāna-āsana, stretch of the west or back of body. Let the ego surrender and enjoy with confidence what life offers you. // From 2 to 5 minutes.

Mālā-āsana, garland pose. Develop patience. Stop and wait. // 2 min.

TOTAL TIME: from 4 to 9 minutes.

MANTRA of the MONTH: «Listen».