Another name

to know what it’s worth.

Take stock of yourself,

Take a seat.

This is its strength:

your subconscious to meet.


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  1. CHAIR – Utkata means powerful. However, the pose is known as yoghic chair too. On an archetypal level, the pose recall the act of sitting down in order to take stock of yourself. Of course, the pose is not as comfortable as being sit on a chair. In the same way it is not so easy to investigate deeply within oneself. The pose is in fact powerful, both for the strength that must be physically based on legs, both for the determination with which you try to ask yourself where you are in life or what you want..
    WARNINGS: psychosomatics values are to be taken into consideration once you have eliminated any mechanical or physiological cause for the same disease. The same values can vary according to personal experiences.

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