Instead of that
you feel strain,
if from fulfilling
your wishes
you abstain.


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  1. JUMP – The grasshopper is a fast and agile animal, able to jump and fly long to reach what it needs. It has a very developed chewing apparatus and a lot of strength. Śalabha-āsana is not an easy pose, it requires strength, agility, mobility of the spine. When it is difficult, people feel that legs can not get up. Often this coincides with the psychic impossibility of realizing their desires for some blocking reason. There’s strain, instead of vital momentum. This link is given by the lumbar region too. The lumbar region, which is strongly involved in this pose, archetypically represents the weights of life. If the weights sink the lumbar area, it will be almost impossible for this part of the back to find the strength to raise the legs and rush to the conquest of wishes.
    WARNINGS: psychosomatics values are to be taken into consideration once you have eliminated any mechanical or physiological cause for the same disease. The same values can vary according to personal experiences.

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