«Steadiness of mind, under all circumstances, whether at the loss of wealth and the bereavement of one’s relations and friends or their acquisition (afresh) is what is termed dhrti (fortitude).» (Śandilya-upanishad, 1.12).

A delicate beginning!

You have to pay attention, Libra, to how you start this new year. Mars opposition and Mercury square could give you communication problems in relationships, which risk ruining everything you’ve built so far. Sun and Saturn square validate this “test” to assess if what you are doing is actually in the right direction. Try to remain patient and work to convince others of your point of view without arrogance and without impositions.

There are several words to express the concept of patience in Sanskrit language. One is parisaha, which is translated as a test or exam too. Closely linked to the physical and mental state, patience is often associated with forbearance, which in turn reflects the mental firmness typical of the yogi.

Develop patience, Libra, and do not despond in front of difficulties. By overcoming tests with clarity of mind, the doors for future success will open.

Develop patience with this short sequence:

Mālā-āsana, garland pose. Develop patience. Stop and wait. // 2 min.

Ājnā kriyā, cleansing of the third eye. In any position, at any time, keep your mind relaxed and clear. Be aware of your mental state. See if you prefer to turn your thumb clockwise or counterclockwise. Repeat it several times a day. // 1 min.

Mauna, ritual silence. You do not have to be in a meditative position. You can do this exercise at any time during the day. I recommend in the morning immediately after getting up. Take ten minutes to listen: the noise of the water while you wash your face, the clink of the cups when you take one to make coffee, the refrigerator door that opens, and so on … listen to every little sound and you will notice that in all those little noises, you will find a wonderful silence, the silence of the mind. Practice listening. // 10 min.

TOTAL TIME: from 12 to 13 minutes.

MANTRA of the MONTH: «I can wait».