«Thou the Supreme Yogini dost, moved by his mere desire, create, protect, and destroy this world which all that moves and is motionless therein» (Mahānirvāna-tantra, 4.29).

New hope!

After several months of uncertainty and confusion, the positive period continues, Sagittarius. Venus and Jupiter are on your side for the whole month of January, giving you a bit of relief and lightness. Mars is in a good position and gives you a bit of physical energy and mental vigor. Uranus trine helps you start up the news necessary for your rebirth. So you can find different counterweights for this Neptune that worries you. Take advantage of it, because Neptune square will continue for a long time!

The Supreme Energy, Shakti, is a feminine principle. It is the basis of life, creation and creativity as well as the Muses (female principle) for the ancient Greeks. What is certain is that if you do not invoke it, it may not be active.

Invokes the muse, Sagittarius, and collect all your strength and the material at your disposal to obtain what may be precious to you.

Look inside yourself with this short sequence:

Ardha-Matsyendra-āsana, half Matsyendra pose. The pose makes you feel a sense of pride and dignity, giving you joy and good mood. // 1-2 min. per side.

Brāhmarī-prānāyāma, bee breath. Emit an expiring sound like a fly buzzing around your ears. It relaxes the nerves and the mind and favors concentration. // 1-2 min.

Visualisation. Relax in a meditative position. Take some time to relax all your muscles. Imagine you are sitting on a flying carpet. It rises from the ground and takes you out of the house, towards the sky, towards the sun. The air is pleasant, the sun’s rays heat you up. Pass over the ocean. You see an island, observe its shape. You decide to go down. It’s a peaceful, quiet place. Walk on the beach. The sea is calm. Only you are there and you can do whatever you want: explore the island, enter the water, relax, etc. When it’s time to come back, pick up your carpet and fly back to where you came from. You find yourself again in the room in a meditative pose. See how you feel. // From 5 to 15 min.

TOTAL TIME: from 8 to 21 minutes.

MANTRA of the MONTH: «I have the strenght».