«Through the perfection of prāpti one acquires whatever one desires, and through prākāmya-siddhi one experiences any enjoyable object, either in this world or the next.» (Śrīmad-bhāgavatam, 11.15.4-5).

A boost!

No particular news for this month, Virgo, but still an invitation to work and get busy. Saturn trine counteracts Neptune tensions and allows you to go on smoothly. Sun trine is the opportunity of the moment: it gives you strength, decision and drive to carry on your projects. Mercury helps you in communication especially in the central part of the month, when it is better to concentrate meetings and talks. You just have to pay attention Venus laziness and the risk of arrogance given by Jupiter, but if you stay determined and you look ahead, they should not be a great deal.

Prāpti is a siddhi, that is one of the supernatural powers acquired by advanced yogins. It is the faculty of obtaining all that you desire, in fact the term prāpti translates as “attainment”. This power is achieved with samyama, or the meditative process, applied to the five forms of elements so as to deeply know the desired object and obtain complete dominion over it.

Even if you do not get to superhuman powers, Virgo, you can always draw a lesson from all that: by focusing deeply on your goal, you will have the chance to reach it.

Stay focused with this short sequence:

Chaturangadanda-āsana, four limbed staff. Strong arms make you feel the determination to get what you want. // From 30 sec to 1 min.

Garuda-āsana, eagle pose. Focus on what you want, set your goals even if they seem to be far away. // 1 min per side.

Ājnā kriyā, cleansing of the third eye. In any position, at any time, keep your mind relaxed and clear. Be aware of your mental state. See if you prefer to turn your thumb clockwise or counterclockwise. Repeat it several times a day. // 1 min.

TOTAL TIME: from 4 to 6 minutes.

MANTRA of the MONTH: «I know what I want to reach».