If the conflict

with them

is more than bland,

you will struggle

to stand.

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  1. PARENTS -The tree represents the individual’s ability to stand on his own legs. When the boy becomes an adult, he becomes able to introject the mother and the father deep inside. If he once had to lean on family roots, now he can count on the roots he has planted starting from himself. The more solid these roots are, the more he’s able to develop upwards, to evolve. If, however, the relationship with parents is still conflictual, then physical and psychological balance will falter. Generally if you is unstable on the left leg, it indicates that there is something unresolved with your mother, while the right leg refers to the father, the male aspect.
    WARNINGS: psychosomatics values are to be taken into consideration once you have eliminated any mechanical or physiological cause for the same disease. The same values can vary according to personal experiences.

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