Channel your energy!

«When in the presence of one established in nonviolence, there is the abandonment of hostility» (Yoga-sūtra, 2.35).

The term ahimsā derives from the union of the privative a, “not”, and himsā, “to kill” or “to harm”. It is generally translated as “non-violence” and came to the fore in the West thanks to its famous application by Mahatma Gandhi, who had paradoxically made ahimsā his warhorse. In yoga it is one of the first rules to follow to set a healthy and balanced attitude of the mind, essential for meditation. On the other hand, aggression is typical of those who are nervous or afraid, opposite characteristics to the peaceful yogin.

Nervousness and fear could, alas, accompany you at the beginning of this month Capricorn. Too much responsibility, which you would not want to have, makes you short-tempered. The responsibilities will not go away, at least not for those born in the second and third decade. You can, however, Capricorn, channel that aggression in a constructive manner and work to make your life better. Venus protects you with the positivity of affections and good health. After the half of the month you will feel that anger is going to wane and enthusiasm returns.

Just a few minutes a day to learn how to manage yourself:

Vriksha-āsana, tree pose. A way to restore calm and inner balance. // 1 min. per side.

Ujjāyī prānāyāma, breath that gives victory or victorious breath. Sitting in a comfortable meditative position, breathe and listen to the slow and deep breath. Be patient and calm. Use this breath during the day in any position to clear and stabilize the mind. Try to exhale twice the time of the inspiration! // From 3 to 6 min.

Concentration. Sit in a meditative position and take some time to relax all your muscles. Think of all the events of the day, what you said, done, felt and how you reacted to such events, the emotions you experienced, even the most subtle, the nuances … until the moment you arrived here to sit down. Observe how you feel now. // From 5 a 15 min.

TOTAL TIME: from 10 to 23 min.

MANTRA OF THE MONTH: «I am looking for peace».