Setu bandha-āsana

Setu bandha-āsana

In the past,

with betrayal and disappointment 

you got to grips.

That’s why now 

you fear relationships. 

But if that fear

you can overcome,

you will easily grab your ankles 

as an outcome.


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  1. HEART AND BACK – On the psychosomatic level, betrayals are somatized in between the shoulder blades, while disappointments affect the heart. Psychic defense leads to stiffen the muscles of back and shoulders in the former case and contract chest muscles in the latter. The result will be a posture with closed shoulders and shortened collarbones muscles. In order to grasp the ankles in the bridge pose it is necessary to open the chest by extending the muscles around the collarbones and the pectorals and at the same time to keep the back muscles elastic so that the shoulder blades can be closed. As long as the heart and the back feel “hurt” and feel the fear of being hurt again, the heart opening and back flexibility are not possible and the ankles remain an elusive goal.

    WARNINGS: psychosomatics values are to be taken into consideration once you have eliminated any mechanical or physiological cause for the same disease. The same values can vary according to personal experiences.

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