Challenges to improve!

«In the concentration on the wheel of the powers the reabsorption in the totality is realized» (Shiva-sūtra, 1.6).

At least the first decades of Capricorn should begin to assimilate Saturn message by letting go of the old. Uranus enters the trine so the new is no longer something that scares, but a chance to improve your life. Look deep inside, Capricorn, and think about what you can do to make everything about you better: work, relationships, health and, of course, yourself.

It is in this regard that I have chosen the sūtra on the wheel of powers. It seems a little cryptic, but it can be useful. The wheel of powers refers to all possibilities of manifestation of Supreme Being. If you meditate on any thing, which is part of this manifesto worlds, it in the end you will find the same source, totality, because everything is part of the same root. It’s not easy, but it’s what you can do in your being too, Capricorn: by focusing on just one aspect of your life, you can find the primary source of your wellbeing that is the basis of all the other aspects too. Go deep, Capricorn, and do not give up even at the end of the month, when maybe the sun square could put some obstacles. Look at any problem as a challenge!

Work on you even just a few minutes a day:

Kurma-āsana, turtle pose. Relax and observe where your thoughts go. // 1- 2 min.  

Utkata-āsana, literally the unstable pose, but known as the powerful pose and the yogic chair too. Strong and firm on your legs, try to relax in this instability and in this effort. Take stock of yourself. // From 30 sec. to 1 min.

Concentration. Sit in a meditative position. Put a flower in front of you. True, if possible, otherwise the image of a flower. Take some time to relax all your muscles. Then contemplate the color and shape of the flower. Observe its beauty. Reflect on the process by which it is born, how it is formed, how it blooms and  how its shape is necessary for its function. // From 5 to 15 min.

TOTAL TIME: from 7 to 18 minutes.

MANTRA OF THE MONTH: «My inner source».