Pay homage to your luck!

«Now gain is of three kinds, viz: gain of wealth, gain of religious merit and gain of pleasure; and similarly, loss is of three kinds, viz. loss of wealth, loss of religious merit, and loss of pleasure» (Kāma-sūtra, 6.6).

In the verse wealth may be in general material well-being, but in other translation the term luck or fortune is used. Material well-being can come either from luck (wealthy family, winnings, inheritance) or from hard work. Now, in the Sanskrit dictionary I found 32 different terms to indicate luck in general; about 30 to indicate good luck and only 6 to indicate the bad luck. There is no room for details and differences here, but you can notice how much good luck is essential in such a spiritual culture as the ancient Indian one.

Now, good luck is actually on your side, Sagittarius, but you have to prove that you deserve it. You are called to prove the validity of what you do. Your efforts are helped by the good position of Jupiter, but there is also a Mercury that asks you to learn from mistakes and test your ideas. Probably the sense of uncertainty given by Neptune will return to be felt for the first twenty days of the month, given the Sun square. Be patient and already from the 21st of the month your usual optimism will be back again with the Sun in trine. Remember, however, that to be patient does not mean not to act! Take advantage of this fortune in the right way!

Remember and pay homage to higher forces with this sequence:

Paścimottāna-āsana, stretch of the west or back of body. Control your ego and enjoy with confidence what life offers you. // From 2 to 5 minutes.

Dhārmika-āsana, devotee pose. There is something bigger than you, which often decides for you. Think that it decides the best for you, for your evolution. // From 1 to 3 min.

Mālā-āsana, garland pose. Develop patience. Stop and wait. // 2 min.

TOTAL TIME: from 4 to 10 minutes.

MANTRA of the MONTH: «I honor my luck».