Praśānti – peaceful

«See forms like a blind man. Hear sound like a deaf man. Look upon (thy) body as o a piece of wood. Such is the description of  a Prasānta (Yogin with his senses tranquillized)» (Amrta-nādopanishad, 14)

Now, I guess you don’t want to become like a piece of wood. The yogin in meditation suspends the breath and thus he may really look like wood. But you, Aquarius, just take it as a mere metaphor. The word praśānti means «to sink into rest, rest, tranquility (especially of the mind), calmness, stillness, peace» (Sanskrit dictionary). In this sense the yogin is a piece of wood, because he is not disturbed by the senses at all.

You probably won’t find it hard to remain peaceful this month, even in the face of unexpected events or unexpected eventualities. The only day this peace could be disturbed is on Easter. On that day some questions about your more intimate and familiar life habits could give you some thought. Take it as an opportunity to look inward again and maybe melt some other karmic knot.

Be peaceful with this sequence: 

Jātharaparivartana-āsana, abdominal rotation. Relax in this pose, let your whole body collapse onto the ground and enjoy the pleasant massage of the abdomen given by your breath // 2-3 min. on the side.

Tada-āsana, mountain pose. Stop and stand for a moment, stop and think. Establish your center before any action or word. // From 1 to 5 min.

Brāhmarī-prānāyāma, bee breath. Emit an expiring sound like a fly buzzing around your ears. It relaxes the nerves and the mind and favors concentration. // 1-2 min.

TOTAL TIME: from 6 a 13 minutes.

MANTRA of the MONTH: «I enjoy my inner peace».