Vaidyuta – electric

«The fire that has its seat in the mid-ethereal region is of lightning and of the character of the interior of the Ātman» (Yogaśikhopanishad, 5.32).

Vaidyuta is one of the five types of agni, fire. It is said that it reflects the deepest part of the Self and it resides in the lower part of the abdomen. This makes sense if you consider that the modern psychosomatic places the deepest part of the unconscious in the intestine.

The translation of the term vaidyuta in the Sanskrit Dictionary is «belonging to or coming from lightning, electric», «the fire or the shine of lightning» or «the lightning fire».

You could be very vaidyuta, Gemini, in the sense that being close to you, one can get a shock.

You may have come to a boiling point, so you now have to explode. The risk is a tendency to quarrel, that has not nothing to do with your hidden tensions. Be careful, because you could cause troubles, which you would regret later.

Work on awareness with this short sequence:

Sarvānga-āsana, all limbs pose. A direct work on the fifth chakra. The position turns you upside down, but it shows you that all your limbs depend on you. You support yourself. // From 1 to 5 min.

Ujjāyī prānāyāma, breath that gives victory or victorious breath. Sitting in a comfortable meditative position, breathe and listen to the slow and deep breath. Be patient and calm. Use this breath during the day in any position to clear and stabilize the mind. Try to exhale twice the time of the inspiration! // From 3 to 6 min.

Mauna, ritual silence. You do not have to be in a meditative position. You can do this exercise at any time during the day. I recommend in the morning immediately after getting up. Take ten minutes to listen: the noise of the water while you wash your face, the clink of the cups when you take one to make coffee, the refrigerator door that opens, and so on … listen to every little sound and you will notice that in all those little noises, you will find a wonderful silence, the silence of the mind. Practice listening. // 10 min.

TOTAL TIME: from 14 to 19 minutes

MANTRA OF THE MONTH: «Calm down the fire».