Hrdaya – heart 

«On the heart, understanding of the mind»  (Yoga-sūtra, 3.35).

Hradaya is the name for the heart. In Sanskrit the word means “grateful”, “pleasant”, “charming”, “loving” too. All these characteristics that could be yours, Scorpio, this month, especially on Easter. Easter, the day of rebirth, can be a beautiful symbol for your life harmony. Acting “from the heart” will not be difficult for you that day, when relationships with others will probably be smooth and pleasant and you will feel more balanced than ever. Remember this day when you will begin to feel Uranus upheavals later on. And remember that any change is actually the possibility of achieving a balance at an even higher level.

Cultivate loving kindness with this short practice:

Paścimottāna-āsana, stretch of the west or back of body. Let the ego surrender and enjoy with confidence what life offers you. // From 2 to 5 minutes.

Trikona-āsanatriangle pose.  A harmonious position to be balanced on one side and the other. An example of balance and stability. It gives the sense of the base, bringing dynamism with measure and attention. // 1-2 min. per side.

Pārśvottāna-āsana, intense stretch to the side. Always firmly grounded on your legs, lower your head and hold your concentration to find inner and outer balance. // 1-2 min. per side.

TOTAL TIME: from 5 to 13 minutes.

MANTRA of the MONTH: «My harmony»