Upasthā – get closer 

«The eye, the ear, the nose, the tongue, and the skin are termed the organs of intellect (buddhi) ; the voice, the hands, the feet, (the organs of) excretion and generation are called the organs of action» (Sāmkhyā-karikā, 26). 

Upastha is the Sanskrit word used to indicate the genitals in the above verse. When written with ā at the end, upasthā, the same word indicates the action of staying close, of approaching someone (also for sexual purposes), of meeting, of being present for someone, etc.

Upasthā is just what you need now, Sagittarius, even if your pride might not make you admit it. Although things go well, it’s not always easy. When you meet challenges, when the consequences of your actions do not involve exactly what you were hoping for, when you, usually self-confident  and optimistic, become full of uncertainties; you can lower your head and humbly admit that you need support, you need to feel loved and understood. The good news is that you should be quiet enough in love to find all the support you need.

Be humble and loving, help yourself with these exercises:

Setubandha-āsana, bridge pose. Open your heart and build a bridge between you and the others. // 1-2 min.

Dhārmika-āsana, devotee pose. It’s a typical prostration pose. Never forget that there is something bigger than you, something you can not control.  // From 1 to 3 min.

Concentration. Sit in a meditative pose. Take a moment to relax all your muscles. Observe the state of your mind. Think about the last time you had an arrogant attitude. Think about the situation, see if you can recognize a reason that caused it, think about the consequences of your attitude and how you felt afterwards. Do not give any judgment, simply observe. When you have analyzed the situation, try to go back in your memory and look for other similar situations by applying the same process: arrogance, situation, cause, consequences, emotions. Never judge, limit yourself to observe. // From 5 to 15 min.

TOTAL TIME: from 7 to 20 min.

MANTRA of the MONTH: «I surrender to sweetness».

Setu banda-āsana