Sādhaka – practitioner

«By zealous, spontaneous effort » (Shiva-sūtra, 2.2).

The word sādhaka comes from the root sādh which means “to realize”. Commonly translated as a “practitioner”, the sādhaka is somebody, who is committed to applying yoga in order to achieve self-fulfillment.

The term is also used as an adjective to indicate something “useful”, “advantageous”, “adapted for any purpose”. It is on this last definition that you should reflect, Virgin. You have lot of ideas and no problem at all with commitment. The problem is rather how to put them into practice without upsetting the balance of your relationships and without overwhelming others.

It is possible that you tend to impose your ideas, not wanting to compromise, when in some cases it is the wisest thing to do. You risk being so convinced of what you are doing that you take on a fatalistic attitude that everything will be fine, without further evaluation or listening to anyone. On the contrary, you even suspect others to sabotage your work.

It is therefore not the effort you lack, but the ability to adapt and the willingness to evaluate the ideas of others. If you stay open, Virgo, someone or something, in the second half of the month, might give you a hand to reconsider your relationships in a more trusting way.

Start listening with this short sequence:

Setubandha-āsana, bridge pose. Open your heart and build a bridge between you and the others. // 1-2 min.

Paścimottāna-āsana, stretch of the west or back of body. Let the ego surrender and enjoy with confidence what life offers you. // From 2 to 5 minutes.

Marīci-āsana, sage Marīci twist. With your hear open, look around you. // 1-3 min. per side.

TOTAL TIME: from 4 to 13 minutes.

MANTRA of the MONTH: «Yam» (anāhata-chakra bīja-mantra).

Setu banda-āsana