Maitri – friendship

«Clarification of the mind [results] from the cultivation of friendliness, compassion, happiness, and equanimity in conditions of pleasure, dissatisfaction, merit, and absence of merit, respectively» (Yoga-sūtra, 1.33). 

In this verse Patanjali suggests a practical exercise and in fact it is the first point of a list of different ways of meditation. Mind can free itself from pain, nervousness and suffering, therefore calm down and consequently evolve, if it puts into practice the given suggestion. The verse could be taken for granted, but to a more in-depth analysis, you will understand that it is not so simple.

It is not so easy to remain a sincere friend of those who are happy, because envy occurs. Compassion towards poverty is not simple, because a sense of tolerance and superiority intervenes. We are not so happy with the virtues of others, because they make us feel inferior. The vice of others does not leave us indifferent, because it either acts as a mirror to our vices (and therefore makes us nervous) or makes us blame them only to show that we are better beings.

It is not so easy to be with others, but you can work on it. This month, Pisces, you want to socialize, share and communicate. This can activate the positive aspect of Jupiter and give you the possibility of expansion through contacts. So take advantage of this your desire for socializing to build what you would not now be able to build with discipline, which is scarce. Furthermore, if you peg yourself to defend what you are doing without listening to others, you only risk getting nervous without learning anything. Listen instead to the suggestions of others, you could get new ideas to improve and evolve at various levels.

Open to communication with this sequence:

Makara-āsana, crocodile pose. Stop and think before acting, so that you won’t end in crocodile tears! Relax your whole body and calm your mind. It helps you calm down and clear your mind. // 2 – 4 min.

Paścimottāna-āsana, stretch of the west or back of body. Let the ego surrender and enjoy with confidence what life offers you. // From 2 to 5 minutes.

Marīci-āsana, sage Marīci twist. With your hear open, look around you. // 1-3 min. per side.

TOTAL TIME: from 5 to 12 minutes.

MANTRA of the MONTH: «I am open and friendly».