Prīti – grace

«Whenever one perceives in himself something full of bliss, calm and pure,—he should know it to be ‘Sattva.’» (Manusmriti,12.27). 

Prīti is kindness, favor, grace. In compounds with saman it indicates friendship, while in other compounds it may indicate affection and love. In the contexts of yoga it indicates that typical disposition of sattva, the harmonious and balanced state of the yogin, which brings serenity and bliss.

The month starts very well, Toro. In the first weekend feelings are appeased and satisfied and harmony reigns. Even surprises, most possible for those born in the first decade, are well accepted and integrated.

In this climate of harmony, above all of the first ten days, I would use the grace you have and you release to set the changes and the steps of your evolution, on whatever level, that you want to carry on in the coming months. It’s a good time to make a good impression and win favors.

Maintain your charisma throughout the month with this sequence:

Ardha-Matsyendra-āsana, Matsyendra half-pose. The pose makes you feel your pride and dignity. It brings joy and good humor. Feel beautiful! // 1-2 min. per side.

Parvata-āsana, sacred mountain pose. The pelvis is stable and well rooted on the ground. The arms soar upwards, straightening the torso and the head and giving a sense of pride and solidity.// 1-2 min.

Pārśvakona-āsana, side angle. Keep you with your feet on the ground and be stable in your strenght. // 1-2 min. per side.

TOTAL TIME: from 5 to 10 minutes.

MANTRA of the MONTH: «I present myself gently».