Sādhana – acting for a goal

«The seven aids (saptasādhanam) for conditioning the body are purification, strength, steadiness, composure, lightness, realisation and isolation». (Gheranda-samhitā, I.9).

Sādhanas for Gheranda-Samhitā are what must be achieved with the various practices of hatha-yoga. More generally sādhana indicates the discipline that the practitioner imposes to himself to reach his goal. It requires a certain organization and the willingness to make this organization your lifestyle at least for the period necessary to achieve the goal.

Now, your sense of discipline is put to the test. You may encounter challenges that you don’t want to face. You are not particularly willing to sacrifice yourself to achieve your goal and you risk taking a far too fatalistic attitude about luck and misfortune. Then take advantage of the first ten days of the month, in which you are most active and motivated, and draw up a plan that allows you to move forward with your projects with constancy and regularity, albeit at a slower and more relaxed pace.

Keep your constant practice with these exercises:

Ardha-stambha-āsana, half pillar pose, also called ardha-hala-āsana, half plow pose. Hands well firm on the ground, legs up, but held tight by the strength of the abdomen, symbol of will. Face is relaxed. The gaze is towards the sky, but the foundations are on the ground. // 1-2 min.

Leg massage. Sitting on the ground, massage from the foot to just above the knee, first the right leg and then the left. Use an oil to better slip on the skin and nourish it. While massaging, consider the lower part of the body (prthvī-sthāna): watch if you feel it healthy, firm or fragile and aching. Think of the support function of this part. // From 2 to 5 min. per side.

Garuda-āsana, eagle pose. Focus on what you want, set your goals and keep your balance. // 1 min per side.

TOTAL TIME: from 7 to 16 minutes.

MANTRA of the MONTH: «I go on with my plans».