Adhimukti  – self-confidence  

«Hence the distinctions of mild, moderate, and ardent»  (Yoga-sūtra, 1,22).

Patanjali seems to follow your evolution, Aries. Last month, in fact, I proposed to you the sūtra 21 of the first pada of the Yoga-sūtra, now the following one. In this verse there is a word, adhimatra, which can inspire you this month. The term means “extreme”, “intense”, “out of the ordinary” and refers to the enthusiastic commitment of the yogi in pursuing his goal. In Shiva-samhitā adhimatraka refers to a certain stage, in which the yogin is determined, persevering, independent, strong, courageous, confident.

This month, Aries, you are full of new ideas. You have sprint and enthusiasm to embark on new initiatives, you want to do a lot both physically and in terms of projects. This allows you to overcome Saturn discouragement and it gives you new energy. You will still have challenges to face, but you have enough energy and optimism to overcome them.

Fill yourself with adhimukti through this sequence:

Vīrabhadra-āsana II, Warrior II. I’ve always seen those born under the sign of Aries executing this pose perfectly. It is the pose that represents you the most. It stimulates the determination already inherent in Aries. // 1 min. per side.

Virabhadra-āsana III, warrior III. Well balanced on your legs, but reaching towards your plans. // 1-2 min. on the side.

Garuda-āsana, eagle pose. Focus on what you want, set your goals even if they seem to be far away. // 1 min per side.

TOTAL TIME: 6 to 8 minutes.

MANTRA of the MONTH: “Shiva sankalpa” means “right intention” or “auspicious resolution”, the entire suktam of six lines recalls this intention. You don’t need to learn the full sukta, but the two words of the title will serve as a reminder of your intention. Listen to it here.

Virabhadra-āsana II
Virabhadra-āsana III