Ekatattvābhyasa – concentration on just one thing

«For the purpose of countering them, [there is] the practice of one thing (eka-tattva)» (Yoga-sūtra, 1.32). 

The ekatattva exercise is the basis of meditation. The mind strives to stay focused on one thing for the duration of that meditation or a series of meditations dedicated to the same object. Once the meaning of that meditation is realized, one can move on to another object. Generally in meditation you start with easy concentrations to gradually increase in level and intensity.

You want to change, Capricorn, and sooner or later you will. In the meantime, however, you have to work to build the foundation for this change: understand how and what to eliminate from the old and how to make life better from all points of view. Profound changes take a long time to be implemented and the difficulty and vastness of the journey can lead to discouragement. It is therefore advisable to focus on one thing at a time starting with small things. For example, taking a small healthy new habit could be a step. Aiming at what is minimal, but very feasible, it is easier to succeed and thus gain confidence and self-esteem.

Stay focused with this short sequence:

Chaturangadanda-āsana, four limbed staff. Strong arms make you feel the determination to get what you want. // From 30 sec to 1 min.

Garuda-āsana, eagle pose. Focus on what you want, set your goals even if they seem to be far away. // 1 min per side.

Ājnā kriyā, cleansing of the third eye. In any position, at any time, keep your mind relaxed and clear. Be aware of your mental state. See if you prefer to turn your thumb clockwise or counterclockwise. Repeat it several times a day. // 1 min.

TOTAL TIME: from 4 to 6 minutes.

MANTRA of the MONTH: «A small thing».