Dvidha – split in two

«That supreme lord, having dwelt in that egg for a y ear, himself, by his own thought, broke that egg into two parts.» (Manusmriti, 1.12). 

The verse refers to Brahma. So the year in question is a year of Brahma (a very long time!) and  above all the egg broke with thought, but just because it was now ripe to open by itself.

In August two options are emerging for you, Gemelli, depending on how you hatched your egg in July. 1.If July was, as I wrote, a beautiful month for love, in August you may still want to enjoy it, finally putting emotional and spiritual needs ahead of everything. The only risk is some reproach when at the end of the month you will be asked to return with your head to work, while yours is still in the clouds. 2. If you still reel in the sentimental field, you could have given space to an arrogant and cynical vein and thus reaching the end of the month somehow hateful, with the bickering ready for every observation that is made to you.


Gemini August 2019

Pasa-āsana, knot-pose. 

Go back into the egg for a moment and look at your right and left sides. After all, it’s not so comfortable to be curled up in yourself. Why not open up to those around you? Try the position at least three times a week, reach up to a minute on each side.

Awareness exercise:

For three weeks, write down every time you are told a sentence, that you find annoying. Note the emotion it has aroused in you. In the fourth week, analyze all your notes. See if they have something in common and if and how your emotions/reactions differ.

Mantra of the month: 

«Harmony among the parts».