Titiksha – patience

«Endurance of all afflictions without countering aids, and without anxiety or lament is said to be titiksha» (Viveka-chudamani 25).

Titiksha is patience, perseverance despite every doubt or adversity. It is one of the fundamental virtues in the yoga path.

Patience, Libra, you need great patience. Your transition and transformation phase is so important that it cannot resolved in a short time. Consider that it most likely involves you at a much deeper level than you can imagine. Keep working on yourself and looking for your way. You won’t solve everything right away, you won’t even find much approval from others, but with patience, humility and tenacity you can get far. Those three are typical characteristics of a yogin. Be yoghic then, Libra!


Libra August 2019

Mala āsana, garland pose.

I always suggest this pose when it comes to patience. It’s definitely a more active waiting than lying on the sofa: ankles are strengthened, the back is relaxed and the weight is relieved, digestion improves, genital apparatus is oxygenated. As a natural birth position, think what patience and strength it takes to generate life!

Awareness exercise:

Whenever you feel impatient, take a watch, better a timer or stopwatch and count how many breaths you take in a minute. If they are more than 15, try again until you get below this threshold.

Mantra of the month:

“I can wait.”