Sandhāna – conciliation

«If the lunar swara flows while asking the question, then there will be a compromise. If it is the solar swara to flow, then know that there will be war» (Śiva-svarodhaya, 263).

The svara (or swara) is the respiratory flow in the context of Śiva-svarodhaya. If the flow is mainly through the right nostril, the person will presumably be very active, sometimes agitated. If the flow goes through the left, instead, there is a tendency to calm and tranquility.

Life is like a wheel and is made of cycles. I hope you are experiencing a beautiful summer, as the astrological picture says. At least you should experience a moment of peace and serenity. However, towards the end of the month, you will be called to order. The frenzy of work, of the errands to be dealt with, of the problems to be solved, will be felt again in all its force. If you pretend to ignore it, you will only make yourself nervous, because it will tickle you like a fly spinning around your head. Since relationships remain good and luck is always on your side, it is only a question of knowing how to make small compromises to find conciliation and pacification.


Nādī-śuddhi, purification of energy channels.

This is the alternate nostril breathing (anuloma-viloma). It allows you to rebalance the two channels and therefore rebalances the body and mind in general. It also brings calm and mental lucidity. Practice for at least 3 cycles (6 breaths in total) every day. At least once a week try 10 cycles.

Awareness exercise:

For three days observe your respiratory flow in four different moments: just awake, before lunch, after lunch and before sleeping. Basically you should have the right nostril freer in the first two cases, the left in the other two. If this is not the case, you may have a predominance of a nostril (and of character) or simply be in a period of physiological imbalance.

Mantra of the month:

“I remain paeceful”