Anusandhāna – planning

«Knowledge, Volition, Decision, Application and Self-Assertion are the functions of the inner senses, which are variants of Ākāśa.» (Triśikhibrāhma upanishad, 1.6).

According to some interpretations anushandhana is a function of citta, in particular it is the ability of citta to carry on, execute what buddhi has decided. Now, buddhi is easily translated as “intellect”, the reasoning part of the mind, superior and detached from emotions. More controversial is the translation of citta, for someone “conscience”, for others the set of all the functions of the mind.

The interesting aspect of the verse is that ākāśa, the intangible space, is what to meditate on to obtain determination, assertion and self-esteem. Let’s bring this space on a temporal plane. The general quiet of August helps you, Virgin. You can take some time, some space, to plan your action strategy. If you know how to set up good discipline and set yourself achievable goals, the first few weeks of the month are great for working on change, at least on paper. Prepare for the last ten days of the month, when you will be asked to move from idea to action.


Virgo August 2019

Supta vira āsana, reclined hero.

The warrior can rest, relax the body in a pose that is beneficial for the organs, so as to be able to act in full form as soon as the time comes.

Awareness exercise:

Do you spend a life dedicated to others? Nothing more noble, but how much space is there for you? Try to carve out 5 minutes a day where you reflect on your self-esteem. Take notes, writing the key words that emerge. Do you believe in yourself?

Mantra of the month:

“Space for myself”.