Śanta – peaceful

«Let the prājna (wise man) merge the speech in the manas, and the manas in the buddhi; let him merge the buddhi in the great self (mahat), and that great self, again, in the Self of peace (the Ātman or the Puruŝa)». (Katha-upanishad, 3.13)

Śāntātman is a calm, tranquil spirit, composed in the mind. The sage that is śanta, peaceful, is reunited with universal Peace, in this unitary spirit which is only bliss. To be such, he must make a passage so that he becomes aware of his emotions (emotional mind – manas), rationalizes them in a healthy way (in the intellect – buddhi) and goes beyond rationalizations to draw on a level of pure spirituality (mahat).

The good news, Capricorn is that you can be pretty śanta this month. September itself starts quiet. There is harmony and serenity until the second half of the month, when instead some agitation arrives. Fortunately, even in the movement you can keep calm, as Mars makes you peaceful and at the same time ready and responsive to deal positively with any situation.


Paścimottana-āsana, forward bend.

You can allow yourself to relax by unloading all the weights of your back (use a support for your forehead). Take this relief after all this burden of responsibility. Practice it at least three times a week for 5 minutes (only if you have your head resting, otherwise keep only a minute).

Awareness exercise:

Observe your emotional reactions to minor inconveniences. Observe the time it takes to let the reaction vanish.

Mantra of the month:

“I observe my reactions”.