Tushti – contentment 

«When the mind is satisfied and left in that state, the nature of the supreme ecstasy manifests itself» (Vijñāna Bhairava Tantra, 74, Dhāranā on the satisfaction of the mind).

In shaktism tushti is the name of one of the sixty-four “mothers” to be worshiped during the Āvaraṇapūjā (“Worship of the Circuit of the Goddesses”). Although the Vijñāna Bhairava Tantra is a tantric text, the meaning of tushti is to be found in the ancient philosophy of samkhya. Generally it indicates complacence, satisfaction of the mind. There are nine modes of tushti: four internal (given by material reality, by retreating in oneself, by time and by destiny) and five external (produced by the cessation of the five senses) It is therefore clear that the satisfied mind referred to in the above verse is linked to a condition of samadhi (meditative state).

You don’t really want Summer to get to the end, do you Gemini? You don’t feel satisfied yet and not even ready for the working year, and this makes you nervous. Be patient until mid-month and this general tension you feel, will loosen, leaving room for an atmosphere that you will definitely like and your mind can be “left in that state”.


Jathara parivartana-āsana, belly twist.

I see it like the pose of someone who is satisfied and does not look for anything: no performance, no demonstration, just the pleasure of enjoying a massage of the abdomen and back. Practice it at least three times a week for 1or 2 minutes on each side.

Awareness exercise:

Read the mantra below. Whenever you want to complain about something, recite it in your mind and think that real satisfaction is achieved only by giving up everything.

Mantra of the month: 

«Oṃ tuṣṭyai namaḥ» 

(it is tantric, it refers to the goddesses, but at least it reminds you of being satisfied!)