Vira – brave 

«Human life is like a turbulent stream, strewn with rocks and pebbles; the brave step into it; for by sitting on the shore and enumerating hurdles, you shall never get across. Leave behind the burden of your fears, guilts, weaknesses and cumbersome attachments. Thus freed from all negative forces, smoothly cross over the stream». (Atharva Veda, 12.2.26)

Vira is the hero, the brave, the strong. He is virtuous and fearless at the same time. His living sometimes in difficult situations is not due to lack of wisdom, but to the need to take part in the game of life.

Jump into something new, Leo, open yourself to new adventures, spend your energies constructively this month. Indirectly it will also lead you to understand something more about yourself. In front of events, welcome the news and believe in what you do by expressing yourself fully!


Vīrabhadra-āsana III, warrior, third variant.

Find alignment in this pose and you will feel convinced, determined and above all lean towards the new.

Run it three times a week and try to keep it up to one minute per side.

Awareness exercise:

For a month, try every day to do something you’ve never done before. Great initiatives are not necessary: it can be trying a new food as well as trying a new exercise or a new yoga pose for the first time.

Mantra of the month:

“I give it a try”.