Puraścaraṇa – preparation

«On hearing the instructions of the preceptor, the aspirant disciple shall practise the Mantra before utilising it. This practice of the Mūlamantra is called Puraścaraṇa since it has to be practised before the rite Viniyoga» (Shiva-purana, 19.8-9).

The Puraścarana is the mantra repetition exercise. The ultimate goal is to reach mantrasiddhi, perfection in the mantra. It is a tantric practice that involves the repetition of a precise number of mantra (in the order of thousands) within a certain period of time. Based on the practice, the behavior and rules regarding food, time and place are determined.

But the Puraścarana is only a preparatory work before the pūjā, the actual ritual, can begin. It is therefore a very long and arduous exercise, which requires perseverance and patience.

You are still in preparation, Libra, but your birthday is approaching and with it the new opportunities to start again with confidence your personal new year. From mid-month the social and emotional life is revived and towards the end of the month the Sun that enters your sign rekindles your hopes by loosening this test of patience that Saturn imposes on you. You, meanwhile, continue to prepare yourself!


Anantaāsana, Ananta pose.

Thus Vishnu rested for an infinite time, with a watchful eye on the manifest world, but calm and patient waiting for action. Can you do it a couple of minutes every night?

Awareness exercise:

Sit in a meditative pose. Return with your mind to the last result you have achieved. How important was it to you? How challenging was it and how long did it take you to get there? Go back even further with your memory and remember similar situations. Don’t judge, just observe each situation and move on to another. Perform this exercise for 10 minutes once a week.

Mantra of the month:

“I get ready”.