Samah – equality

«One who makes no distinction between friend and foe, honour and dishonour, knowing Brahman to be full in itself (all pervading), becomes supremely happy» (Vijñāna Bhairava Tantra, 125, Dhāranā on equality).

One of the most famous definitions of yoga comes from the Bhagavad-Gita and teaches that yoga is samatva, equanimity. To remain unperturbed by the experiences, pleasant or unpleasant as they may be, is one of the most difficult virtues to learn. On the other hand, it is acquired only after having understood that every event in life can have a useful implication for your own growth.

Neptune confusion will be felt again now that you have quite a few planets in opposition. It will not be easy to move forward this September. Take it as a test: if in the first half of the month you manage not to blurt out due to nervousness, in the second half this agitation could take you to the peak of your activity, opening up new creative possibilities and determining the way for your future..


Trikona-āsana, position of the triangle

An example of balance and stability. Observe if there are differences between left and right, work to minimize them. Practice it every morning for 2 minutes on each side.

Awareness exercise:

Observe your physical and emotional reactions to any opposition you encounter. Write them down for three weeks. At the fourth week, re-read everything. How much do you believe in what you do? How much is enough to make you insecure?

Mantra of the month:

“My enemy is my master”.