Grahana – acceptance

«Existing things (sat) are (proved to be) effects from the non-existence of (formal) being by the non-existence of cause; by the taking (by men) of a material cause (to produce anything) from the non- existence of universal production (by every cause); from the possible causality of an efficient agent (only); and from the nature of cause». (Sāmkhyā-karikā, 9).

I know, it’s a bit complicated. I do not pretend that you fully understand the philosophical game of existence, Sagittarius, but I send you this message to reflect on a fundamental card of existence: acceptance. In this translation it is used to affirm that men “accept” “take for granted” the idea that to produce anything a cause is necessary. Life, as it is perceived, is like this and must be accepted like this.

In August, Sagittarius, I had announced a more eventful month end and the need to return to the order even if you would rather be on vacation (and who wouldn’t want it?). It will probably take you a little longer before accepting the inevitability of the coming autumn and the commitments that accompany it. When someone or something makes you nervous, think that this is your lucky year anyway and that, apart from that moment of tension, all in your life is going on well. Accept all the rest.


Chataka-āsana, lark pose.

Stay open accepting all that life offers you. Perform this āsana at least three times a week for one minute on each side.

Awareness exercise:

For every event that you consider negative, think of something positive that happened on the same day, even a small thing, that left you a smile on your face.

Mantra of the month:

“So is life”