Bhadra – auspicious

«Place the heels on either side of the seam of the Perineum, keeping the left heel on the left side and the right one on the right side, holding the feet firmly joined to one another with both the hands. This Bhadrasana is the destroyer of all diseases. The expert Yogis call this Goraksa asana. By sitting with this asana, the Yogi gets rid of fatigue» (Hathayoga-pradīpikā, 1.55-57).

One more pose for you, Taurus, from Hathayoga-pradipikā, the traditional reference text of Hatha-yoga. In the texts it is described among the postures for meditation. It is difficult to accept the idea that it can destroy all disorders, unless you think about the healing power of the mind, which develops its best potential in meditation. The benefits of this āsana derive from the concentration of blood in the pelvic area too, as it happens in all meditative poses. On the level of mystical physiology it is precisely here that vital energy accumulates and from here it can be awakened.

I chose this āsana, Taurus, because it is said to be auspicious. Since September is considered the second beginning of the year, your departure is full of good wishes. This does not mean that you can sit still, on the contrary. It is good to take advantage of this favorable climate in which you are immersed in order to start your plans for the year, strengthen relationships and stabilize yourself in your intentions. You have everything on your side, go Toro!


Bhadra-āsana, auspicious pose. 

If your knees remain very high, exercise in with a support under the buttocks. Do not spring your legs, instead concentrate on the inner adductors of the thighs and try to stretch them towards the outside with the inhalation and relax them with exhalation. Keep the column straight.

Every day, take about twenty breaths in this pose.

Awareness exercise:

In a meditative pose, think of all your “starts”, think about the intentions you had, the commitment you put into it and the final result. Don’t judge, just observe, trying to go further back with memory.

Try this exercise at least three times a month, each time for 10 minutes.

Mantra of the month:

«Om Bhadram Karnnebhih»

(May we hear with our ears what is auspicious) 

ascoltalo e leggi il testo qui:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7nsjO1HVk_E