Yanti Yamam – the journey of life

«God pierced the seven openings in the head. He made these ears, these nostrils, eyes and mouth, through whose surpassing might in various forms, bipeds quadrupeds complete their journey of life» (Atharva Veda, 10.2.6).

This verse of the Atharva-veda is considered an example of the interest, among other things, in the anatomy within the Vedas. I propose it to you to remind you of the magnificence of being alive since you have come to another stage of your journey, Virgin.

Your birthday is your new beginning and several planets align to allow you to take stock of yourself and start again with your new year’s intentions. Your birthday, Virgin, coincides with what is considered the second New Year, the resumption of activities after the summer break. In a way, you therefore have an advantage. The atmosphere is positive for all sectors, the energies are high, exploit them to the fullest seeking the right collaboration and harmony with those around you.


Ujjayi-prānāyāma, breath of the victorious.

With this deep breathing, listen to the sound of “you”, of the breath that keeps you alive. In the calm induced by this breathing, feel yourself present here and now, in harmony. Spend on it at least three minutes each night.

Awareness exercise:

Every morning watch how you are reborn to the day. Notice the first emotion you feel when you wake up. If you don’t like it, focus on a positive emotion before falling asleep.

Mantra of the month:

“My journey”.