Sthita – steadfast 

«He whose illumination is steady, who has constant bliss, and who has almost forgotten the phenomenal universe, is accepted as a man liberated in this very life» (Vivekachudamani, 428).

According to Vyakarana, the school of analysis of Sanskrit grammar, sthita indicates a condition of mental stability, the condition of one who has removed all doubts and is therefore intact in his conviction. In general sthita is translated as “firmly convinced”, “persuaded”, “resolute”.

I hope you have clarified your ideas, Aquarius, on the line you want to follow in the coming months. It was the right time to do it and it still is. I would say you have time until mid-month, after which you should follow your line of thought and go ahead convinced even when your ideas will be tested or disputed. This does not mean being rigid in the face of criticism, but putting full energy into projects without lingering too much in doubt. On the other hand it is likely that the criticisms you will receive will be constructive and will not make you feel offended, but rather they will be a stimulus to do even better.


Utkata-āsana, powerful pose.

I already proposed this position to you last July. Persevere. Every day for a minute.

Awareness exercise:

Watch the clock whenever you have a doubt. Take a mental note of the time. Look at the clock again when, probably after a sigh, you move on to thinking about something else.

Mantra of the month:


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