Heya – fit to be left

«The dissatisfaction yet to come is to be avoided»  (Yoga-sūtra, 2.16).

«Heyam dukham anagatam» is a verse that you could even learn by heart, Sagittarius, it’s short and the pronunciation is not difficult. That heyam is the accusative form of heya, which indicates something that is “ready to be abandoned”, that no longer has reason to be, that can be let go. If placed in a future context, it is something that can be avoided.

Last month’s charge tends to dissipate for better or for worse, Sagittarius. Optimism remains and helps you counter the uncertainty about your future that you sometimes hide inside. It could then be a good time to sink a little more into yourself to understand where that uncertainty comes from: if you felt hurt in the past, perhaps in your opinion unfair, if you think you’ve experienced defeats. The good news is that evolution is never linear, but made of progress and regressions. What has been must not necessarily be repeated. Look for the origin of your beliefs and from that point start again to build new positive ones!


Maha vira-āsana, great warrior pose, variation

You have to be warrior and hero to have the courage to look inward and the strength to start all over again! Remember this every day for a minute or two in this pose.

Awareness exercise:

Sit in a meditative position a couple of times a week for about ten minutes. Close your eyes, look for silence. Look back when you last felt offended or defeated. Analyze the situation: what happened before and how you felt in general at that time. Then look for the last time you felt loved or victorious: what happened before and how you generally felt during that time. Each time go further back in memories.

Mantra of the month:

«I am building the best».