Svaguna – appropriate 

«The embodied soul, by means of good and evil deeds committed by itself, assumes many forms, coarse and fine. By virtue of its actions and also of such characteristics of the mind as knowledge and desire, it assumes another body for the enjoyment of suitable objects» (Śvetāśvatara-upanishad, 5.12).

In the Hindu tradition, rebirth is a basic concept. The yogis try to get out of the cycle of births, because according to them life is suffering, all the others try their best to be reborn in better conditions than today. What is taken for granted is that the condition of the new life is based on the svaguna of the current life, that is the qualities and ways of existing of this life. Svaguna is translated as “one’s own merits” and “appropriate” too. The next life is appropriate with respect to what remains to be learned in this life.

Now, even if you do not believe in rebirth, in a certain way in this very life you ​​die and are born a thousand times. On the basis of what you learn and because of the inevitable changes (for example the physical ones) you enter a new phase of life each time. It is possible that some new things will bring about changes, Scorpio, but maybe it is the right time to find a way to express your life in a way more suited to what you are.


Bhujanga-āsana, cobra pose.

The cobra changes the skin without losing its strength. Perform this pose at least three times a week for 1 or 2 minutes.

Awareness exercise:

You can’t live as you want if you don’t know what you want. Take five or ten minutes at least three times a week. Sit in a meditative position, think of connecting to your heart. Think of a true, deep desire. Think about how your life would change in practice if you realized it.

Mantra of the month:

«What I am now».