Nandi – Shiva’s vehicle

«Thus commanded by the bull-bannered deity Nandin bellowed like a bull and roared like a lion…» (The Śiva-purāna, 47.47).

Nandi is the white bull that acts as Śiva mount. It is so present in Śiva iconography that it has earned the status of divinity with temples dedicated to it. Nandi’s white represents purity and its four legs are truth, righteousness, peace and love, qualities that Śiva brings with Him wherever He goes. But these qualities can only emerge when you are willing to let their opposites die. Śiva is actually revered because he is feared: in removing ignorance he can destroy everything to which men have developed attachment.

Śiva and Nandi are scary, just as a bull charged with energy is frightening. Intimorate is certainly not your intention, Taurus, indeed just as Śiva you want to bring strength and positivity. Be careful, however, how you communicate your enthusiasm, because you risk overwhelming the people around you and finding unwanted and unexpected consequences. Stay as discreet and efficient as you can do, to make the most of the effects of this period which, as last month, is a good time for you.



Ushtra-āsana, camel pose. 

What does the camel have to do with the bull? Well, the word ushtra indicates the camel because of the hump. In fact it is used in Sanskrit to indicate the buffalo and the bull with the hump too. Nandi has the hump that is as high as the tops of the sacred mountains. Remember the sacredness and good intentions of Nandi by performing this pose for a minute every day. If it’s too difficult, choose the partial version with your hands on your hips.

Awareness exercise:

Do you remember the saying attributed to the Buddha: «Before speaking ask yourself if what you say is true, if it does not cause harm to someone, if it is useful, and finally if it is worth disturbing the silence for what you mean»? Take it as an exercise for this month.

Mantra of the month:

«The right charge».