Vāsanā – mental imprints

«Abandonment of all latent tendencies is said to be the best (i.e. real) liberation by the wise; that is also the faultless method (of attaining liberation)» (Yoga-vāsistha-sāra, 3.23).

Vāsanās are imprints rooted in the depths of every human being, that determine the current course of life. They are latent tendencies and constitute the basis of karma, actions that you accomplished or you will accomplish, linking yourself to a system of cause and effect beyond your control. In order to work on karma you must enter into the depths of yourself, recognize these vāsanā, understand their origin and their functioning and in doing so free yourself from their grip.

It’s a good time, Aries, to do this kind of operation. Small annoying tests can arrive just to make you reflect and finally untie some knot of the past. You have the necessary disposition to see things from another point of view and find a creative solution to problems that previously seemed insurmountable to you. You’ll realize that this new way of seeing things is well received by people. So let go of the convictions that no longer have any reason to exist, accept the difficulty of the transition (the steps towards the best are always tiring) and at the end of the month arrive at a renewed vision of you. The resulting positivity will reward you for all the effort.


Śirsha-āsana, headstanding:

Maybe you saw my newsletter last month. I inserted a riddle about this pose and its ability to change your point of view. It’s not easy, but you can try leaning against the wall and if you have problems with your neck, then just put your head down and look around. 

Awareness exercise:

Think of one of your principles or one of your strongest beliefs. There is no reason to change it, yet there are people who think differently from you. Reflect on the points of view of these people, imagine other scenarios too, for which a different idea of ​​the same principle could be valid, imagine if even the opposite of that same principle could be valid.

Mantra of the month:

«Everything is relative».