Krodha – anger 

«Free from pride and material identification, indifferent to duality, always enlightened by transcendental awareness, the sannyasi never gets angry, hates no one, desires nobody’s evil and never tells lies» (Narada parivrajaka Upanishad, 5:44).

According to various texts of yoga culture and more generally of the Hindū culture, krodha leads man to perdition, because it drags him into a mental chain of frustration and lack of lucidity. The spiritual practitioner and the ascetic (sannyasin) avoid falling into this trap through a profound work of self-observation and detachment.

You may have already learned, Cancer, that getting angry is something of no use. You cannot avoid feeling emotion and it can be hard maintaining a happy expression when the emotion is the opposite. Venting the emotion, however, can only be useful to the extent that it allows you to discharge the powerful energies that it has brought to the surface. Here is the work you could do Cancer: use this energy potential to do what you want or need to do. Others will not change their ideas just because you scold them, but they could instead cooperate if you are proactive. Try it as an exercise for the month and in the last ten days you will see the results.


Simha-āsana, lion pose.

If you really need to vent anger, do it with this pose. Do it every time they make you nervous.

Awareness exercise:

If you happen to get angry with yourself this month, try a discipline exercise: every time it happens, it starts counting your breath and counts at least up to thirty breaths.

Mantra of the month:

«Posso scegliere».