Dhurya – fit for a burden

«That devotee who possesses suitable affection for Kṛṣṇa, His intimates and His servants is called dhurya-pāriṣada or dhuryānuga» (Sri Bhakti-rasamrta-sindhu, 3.2.49).

These are the definitions for dhurya: “fit for a burden, able to bear a burden”, “fit to be entrusted with important duties”; “one who carries a burden (of responsibility)” , “a minister, one charged with important duties”. In the verse above pārisada simply indicates one of the coven, one of the group, so in this case “one who is among those who bear the burden”. Eventually even a deep faith entails a responsibility and a certain strength.

How much are all these responsibilities teaching you, Capricorn? Probably something very deep and you will probably notice it when everything passes (but you still need some time) and you’ll find yourself a wiser person. So keep this in mind when, for an irritating Mars, you will be angry. Just as this circumstance will irritate you, the last days of the month Venus and the Moon will help you feel at peace and in harmony.


Ushtra-āsana, camel pose.

In the middle-age the camel was considered a symbol of strength and endurance, capable of withstanding great loads and hardships. Yet at the same time it was also a symbol of wisdom, because it accepts only tolerable loads.

Awareness exercise:

 Sit in a meditative pose. Think about the last time you wanted to take a responsibility (Having a child? Buying a house? …). Think about the will you had, the effort you made to carry it out and think about the positive outcomes from it. Go further back in time and look for another one and analyze it in the same way. Go ahead like this, one episode behind the other for ten minutes. Do not judge. Repeat this exercise once a week.

Mantra of the month:

«Hare Krishna»

(why not? so you’ll remember…)