Vairagya – non-attachment

«Whoever is confused by material pleasures is intoxicated, blinded by passion, as one who has been bitten by a poisonous snake. He sees everything distorted as in a dream and plays parts like an actor. Because of attachment to the objects of the senses he forgets the supreme position and ends up in a sea of ​​trouble “(Maitreyani Upanishad).

Vairagya is a fundamental concept in yoga, especially in Patañjali’s Yoga, according to which continuous practice (abhyasa) and non-attachment (vairagya) are the two basic ingredients for achieving realization. It usually refers to the lack of desires. In general, however, it can be seen as the ability to objectify, typical of meditation, which allows not to identify with the body, with emotions and therefore with desires.

It is usually easier not to identify with the body in the presence of illness (my legs do not allow me to run) while the same mental operation with full health is rarer (I ran great today!). This is the risk you run, Gemini, this month. 

There are no particular tensions, you have settled well at work and maybe even at home, after a busy period. It is right that you enjoy your well-deserved rest or the hard work awards. But the wisest way to enjoy wellness is not to stick to it. This means not showing arrogance for the position reached, nor exuberance in expenses nor illusion that this could be forever. I am not discouraging you, Gemini, on the contrary I am giving you advice to enjoy well-being in a more lasting and positive way.


Dharmika-āsana, devotion pose. 

It will help you to maintain humility.

Awareness exercise:

Do you get a compliment every once in a while? I hope so. When it happens, observe your pleasure reaction. Try to understand if it is a calm reaction of gratitude or if it is a “hungry” reaction, something that has come to nurture a need you have. Ask yourself: if I didn’t receive this compliment, would I be calm anyway? Would I continue to do what I do?

Mantra of the month: 

«A serene pleasure».