Ape – to run away

«As this Devadatta immersed in dreamless sleep does not run away even if he is hit by a stick, so it happens with those who do not identify themselves and do not stick to the good or bad consequences of the daily duties of life» (Brahma Upanishad, 2).

The word ape is translated from Sanskrit as “to go away”, “depart”, “retire”, “run away”, “escape”. It is curious that in English the same word indicates a big anthropomorphic monkey. In the ancient texts of India the vile character is often compared with the ape. Actually the coward is a person who does not fully face situations, whether external or internal. In short, the coward is certainly not inclined to practice raja-yoga.

Do you want to run away Leo? Maybe you can do it, maybe you’re one of those lucky ones who manage to go on vacation in November. If you can so much better, though you can’t run away from yourself. What changes is within you and what needs to mature and be overcome too. If you have the possibility to move, inwardly or outwardly, do it in the direction of a new way of facing yourself and your relationships.


San-mukhi-mudrā, closing the six gates.

Stay alone with yourself and withdraw yourself from the outside world. Breathe slowly from the nostril slit. Listen to the sensations. Stay in the mudrā at least three minutes, repeat it at least three times a week.

Awareness exercise:

Take ten minutes in a meditative pose. Imagine an ideal place where you would like to live. Think about how your life would actually be. Think of things that would be different from the life you lead now and those that would necessarily remain the same (shopping? Preparing dinner? Checking your health?).

Mantra of the month:

«I am always with me».