Ojasvat – energetic 

«The quintessence of all the fundamental principles of the body, starting with lymph chyle and ending with semen, is called the Ojas, which is identical with what is termed “vital power.”» (Sushruta-samhitā, 1.15.130)

What is ojas has already been explained by Sushruta-samhit in the verse above. There are very technical descriptions in the Ayurvedic medical field. In this context it is sufficient for you to think of certain shades of meaning of the term such as: “bodily strength”, “vigor”, “energy”, “ability”, “vitality”, “virility”, “generative faculty”, “speed” and even “skill in using weapons”. Ojas is “splendor”, “light”, “appearance”, “manifestation” too.

Last month I wrote to you about rajas, Libra. This month I’m talwriting king about being ojasvat, that is “full of energy”, “vigorous”, “powerful”, “strong”. If you think about it, rajas and ojas can be easily put together. 

Birthdays often take advantages of the favorable conjunctions of Mercury and Venus, but it was not your case. Indeed, an energetic Mars has accompanied you and it is still close to you at least until mid-November. Hold on, Libra, move with the body rather than venting with words. Try to use these forces intelligently. At the end of the month you should finally find some peace of mind.


Chaturanga danda-āsana, four limbed staff.

 Get physically tired with this pose. It will help you feel and release strength.

Awareness exercise:

Do you know the difference between staying focused and being nervous? Every time you are engaged in a task, stop for a moment to observe yourself. Is your concentration full of tension? Try to release tension, keeping your concentration with serenity.

Mantra of the month:

«The right strenght».