Gati – motion

«(Samyama) On the polar star, knowledge of there movement» (Yoga-sūtra, 3.28).

In Indian grammar the word gati indicates movement, that is, the lengthening of a syllable, while it can be used in the sense of “understanding”, “realization” too. In jyotisha (astronomy and astrology) gati is the term used for the motion of the planets. In general, gati is movement, moving, moving forward.

The good news, Pisces, your course is going in a better direction and you can finally go ahead

building something beautiful and positive. You may still encounter some opposition, but you have all the energy to pass the tests. You just have to put in a bit of discipline that could falter this month. Do you know the metaphor of the shipwrecked person? On the high seas when he sees the land rejoices and stops swimming. Don’t make that mistake, you haven’t arrived yet. Keep moving, stretch forward again and adopt that concentration that can help you to know about your own movement and what’s around you.


Nava-āsana, boat-pose:

As I write about castaways … Practice it every day for 30 seconds, it will help you develop your will.

Awareness exercise:

For this month, whenever you think you are really tired, look for a quiet corner and take five minutes of silence. Put a timer and don’t let anything or anyone disturb that silence (no social media, no phone or anything …).

Mantra of the month:

«I swim».